Dania Beach

4 Year Old Girl, 21 Month Old Boy + Family | Hollywood Beach Family Photographer

Last Sunday, I went to John Lloyd Beach Park in Dania Beach and spent the day with some of the most contagious smiles ever.  It had been about 2 years since I had last seen this family.  In 2012, we met at the Dania Beach pier at sunrise when Ava was just 2 and RJ hadn't made his appearance yet.  RJ has the same big personality his sister did at about that age, so these two smiles together can make anyone melt.  The morning started out cloudy and drizzling, but we didn't let that affect our fun.  We twirled, played games, raced, jumped... some of us even got tickle-attacked.  Mornings like this are just reminders of how much I love what I do.  I had a blast capturing these huge personalities in photos - looking forward to the next family shoot!

South Florida Sunrise | Dania Beach Photographer

Since I'm past the age of watching the sunrise on my way home from the clubs, the only time I am really awake in time to enjoy them anymore is when I have a morning beach photo session.  I should maybe consider waking up early enough to enjoy them more often...I definitely live close enough to the beach... Eh, but I do love my sleep.Maybe this photo I took of last Saturday's sunrise at Dania Beach Pier will fulfill my need for a while.  Until the next morning session, of course.