1 week old newborn boy | newborn photographer fort lauderdale

Another new arrival to announce!  Meet brand new Wyatt Easton.  Born just before Halloween, he was only 9 days old at the time of this at-home session with his two proud new parents.  Congratulations, Erin & Jason!  It was so great to meet Wyatt - he's perfect.

10 day old newborn boy + 3 year old brother | fort lauderdale newborn family photography

This week, I traveled up to Jacksonville to meet the newest addition to one of my favorite families... little 10 day old, Ethan James. Yet another brand new baby boy to hit the blog.  Just three years ago, I had made the same trip (that time actually from Chicago, not Fort Lauderdale) to capture baby Noah... seen here.  Now Noah is almost 3 and the sweetest, most proud big brother ever.  It may have taken some cohesion to get the two in the same frame at times, but there was so much unprompted love, kissing and hand-holding that I felt privileged to capture all weekend.  This beautiful family makes my job so easy... <3

1 Month Newborn Boy + 3.5 Year Old Big Brother | South Florida Newborn Photographer

This is the third brand new baby boy to hit the blog, I feel like its been forever since I've done pictures for a baby girl.  Something in the water?  Its also another at-home session - I love the intimate element these home sessions can add to the photos.  Tyler was born 4 weeks prior to our session, but similar to my previous newborn, he had yet to reach his due date, so he was still newborn-tiny.  His big brother, Gavin (and even the family dog, Ditka) both watched over the new family addition with excitement as I took photos.  

3 Week Newborn Boy | Ft Lauderdale Newborn Photographer

I couldn't believe it took me 3 weeks to finally get the chance to go meet baby Dylan (and see his GLOWING momma)!  I was so happy to be able to capture some of the love that surrounds this new family of 3.  Although 3 weeks old, Dylan's mini-session took place shortly before his expected arrival date, so he was still super newborn tiny... and his hair!  His hair is SO soft (and clearly taken after his dad).  Clearly he chose to sleep through most of the photos, but I had a great time.  I'd love him to stay tiny forever, but I'll definitely enjoy watching him grow up!  

15 Days Newborn Boy + 1.5 Year Old Big Sister | Ft Lauderdale Newborn Photographer

Newborn sessions can never really be predicted.  This is why it's always best to do these photo sessions at the client's home - especially when there is an older sibling involved, since they always have their own space and toys to remain entertained.  It's the second consecutive January where I got to meet a brand new baby boy named Jackson (or Jaxon).  Jackson belongs to this great family, whose first baby, Avery, I got to photograph, not only when she was a newborn, but also at her first birthday party and then again just this past November during my holiday mini-sessions.   This day, however, was all about Jackson Phoenix - just 15 days old.  Unlike his older sister who remained awake and alert during all of her own newborn photos, Jackson made himself comfortable everywhere we moved him to.  It was such a great morning hanging out with a great family and their brand new addition!