lesbian engagement portraits

Engagement Session | Tree Tops Park Photographer

Just six weeks prior, I had been a complete ball of nerves shooting photos of these two, knowing that Michele was about to pop the question.  But this time didn't involve any surprises... there was no diamond ring hidden in my camera bag... and we weren't in a race with Mother Nature.  Whew.  We met at Tree Tops this time, on a beautiful & surprisingly cool Sunday (okay, okay, "cool" meaning low 80s - this is South Florida, after all).  Everyone must have been taking advantage of the great weather because the park was very crowded... The good thing is that when you're with a couple who is so enthralled in each other & constantly making each other laugh, it seems like we were the only ones for miles.  Congrats again, Michele & Greter![tg_grid_gallery gallery_id="9158" layout="wide" columns="4"]