Surprise Proposal | Colee Hammock Park Photographer

It hadn't been a super nice Labor Day weekend - rain was coming & going all day.  By the time Michele & Greter arrived for their session at Colee Hammock Park in Fort Lauderdale, my weather app told me it was going to start raining in 23 minutes.  I suddenly realized that we needed to take full advantage of the late afternoon light & FAST... there was a lot to do.  While Greter thought the surprise was the impromptu photo session, Michele had me involved in something much bigger.  Hidden inside my camera bag was a beautiful diamond ring & I know Michele would not have lasted another day if rain tried to delay her plans.  Our timeline sped up quickly but before any rain fell, under a beautiful shade tree along Tarpon River, Michele got down on one knee.  Greter was completely shocked but glowed with excitement, wiping away happy tears, while I couldn't help but keep snapping.  Congratulations, ladies!!  It was so awesome to be a part of this day in your story... I can't wait for our follow up engagement session![tg_grid_gallery gallery_id="9162" layout="wide" columns="4"]