Documentary Family Photography

Real life isn’t just-ironed dress shirts & forced smiles. Real life is the way your child cuddles into you on your favorite chair when you read to them. The way they laugh when playing their favorite game. Real life is the way your other half looks at you like you’re the best thing in the world. The way your new addition wraps their tiny hand around your finger while sleeping in your arms.These are the real-life moments I love to freeze in time for you.  The interactive family moments, the laughs, the connection, the LOVE.  Documentary family sessions are relaxed & unscripted. Telling your family's story without the what-to-wear stress, behavior anxiety or fake smiles.Think of the moments you'll want to cherish forever... it could be as simple as a lazy Sunday-morning at home, baking cookies & reading stories... or a family outing, such as a trip to the zoo, beach day or play date with friends.

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