No two sessions are the same, so it's hard to prepare you for the expected. I can tell you what NOT to expect, though. Don’t expect to sit around uncomfortably, working through poses one after another and wishing you were anywhere but there. In all of my sessions, I’m simply striving to capture the honest and unique personality of each of my subjects. Sometimes it might take crawling through a playground on your child’s level to get that natural smile, but it’s always worth it. I'll spend the first few minutes after meeting running through my process a bit, but just come relaxed and ready to enjoy each other and the day & I'll happen to be there capturing it.


My advice to the popular “what should we wear” question for portraits is simply to be yourself. Don’t rush out and buy an outfit you normally wouldn’t wear. If you’re uncomfortable, the camera can tell. Wear the outfit that gives you heaps of confidence when you have it on. Try to stay away from too many busy patterns and designs or real visible logos. Solid colors are great and full patterns such as plaids, polka-dots, etc work better than large graphics. The focus should remain on you - not what you have on. Please, please, please do not show up in khaki pants and white shirts or anything with the exact same outfit/color combo. Coordinating is different than matching. For large groups, I love when there is a mix between solids & patterns - choose some patterned items first & pull colors from it for others to wear.


The week before your session date, I will follow up with a short pre-session questionnaire sent via email. This includes exact details of where the meet, the time, etc but also helps me get to know your family a bit before I arrive & what your hopes are for the session. At that time, I'll also send over your invoice for the remaining balance, which is due by the day we meet. If you prefer to pay with a check or cash, we can handle when I arrive on our shooting date - no work will begin on the photos until the invoice is complete.